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Airport Facilities

Where your aircraft will be secure and safe

Itinerant Traffic

The airport is open to Itinerant traffic by PPR (Prior Permission Required) from May to October during the operating hours of 8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday - Friday. Also be advised that during the winter months the runways are not maintained on a regular basis and may be snow and ice covered. Call ahead for advisories.

Fuel and Oil

The Bar River Airport has the following fuel and oil available during the airport operating hours :


• 100 LL Av-Gas
• Jet A-1


• Aeroshell 100 and W100
• Aeroshell 15W50
• Philips 20W50 25W60
• Turbo Oil 2380

Aircraft Storage

Springer Aerospace also offers free outdoor storage along with our maintenance. Located away from populated areas, the aircraft are secure and safe.

Please call today for more details.